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Programa Académico: Doctorado en Ingeniería

The integration of distributed embedded computing, communication devices, and control of physical systems offers advantages on reliability, efficiency, and maintenance. At the same time, these embedded computers are susceptible to cyber-attacks that can harm the performance of the physical system, or even drive the system to an unsafe state. Therefore, it is necessary to deploy security mechanisms that can automatically detect, isolate, and respond to cybernetic attacks. Detection and isolation mechanisms have been widely studied, but automatic response to attacks has attracted considerably less attention. In this work, we focus on intrusion response to cyber-attacks on control of physical systems. 

Specifically, we have proposed a methodology to design an automatic reactive response mechanism to guarantee cyber-physical control systems to remain in a safe zone when they are under the effect of cyber-attacks. This methodology is aimed at the mitigation of non-simultaneous attacks on sensors. Besides, we have performed stability analysis for the attacked systems, with additive and multiplicative integrity attacks, finding that multiplicative attacks directly affect system stability. The proposed attack mitigation mechanism has been proved and tested in noiseless and noisy scenarios. Results using standard testbeds are shown and prospective work is also proposed.

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Seguridad en sistemas de control - Control tolerante a fallas - Sistemas de control en red.

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Evento: Intrusion Response on Cyber-Physical Control Systems
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